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As the nation’s third largest consumer of energy, it is imperative that Florida’s energy policy creates an environment that fosters the development of affordable, clean energy sources to meet our state’s long term needs. The Florida Energy Summit is forum for the brightest minds from academic institutions and private industries, as well as public officials on the local, state and federal level to discuss the future of energy in Florida.

At the 2013 Florida Energy Summit, Commissioner Putnam announced his energy proposals for the 2014 legislative session.  The proposals included cutting taxes businesses pay on electricity in half over three years and redirecting the remaining revenue to Florida's education infrastructure.  Ultimately, this tax cut will save businesses $225 million per year and invest $225 million per year in Florida’s schools.  Commissioner Putnam also proposed a Tax-Free Holiday Weekend on Energy Star and Water Sense Appliances, which will increase energy efficiency and save consumers money on purchases and utility bills.

The 2013 Florida Energy Summit also provided a wide range of speakers including energy providers, entrepreneurs, researchers and policy makers, who discussed the future of energy in Florida. The video and presentations can be found online at, offer a glimpse of the changing demographics in Florida and how that affects energy use and policy, the latest alternative vehicles, and insight into what the state is doing in workforce development for the energy sector.  

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